A Wolf in the Dark

by S E Turner

Lyall has lived and breathed nightmares since he was fourteen-years-old. He believed he knew every horror and was beyond surprise. He was wrong.

When General Domitrius Corbulo launches a brutal attack on Castle Dru in Durundal, he slaughters everyone inside.

Except one.

Though two years after finding salvation in a clan, Lyall is one of many captives taken to Ataxata to fight in the Killing Games.

However, the man who is training Lyall to fight and kill his comrades, is the same man who butchered and killed his parents.

Facing certain death, Lyall desperately needs a plan of escape …

To take back what is rightfully his, and prevent the kingdoms from turning into a war of annihilation.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian