A Warrior of Dreams

by Richard Parks

When all the world is a goddess’ dream and dreams are real…

…waking up can be a killer.

The Dreamers of the Temple have kept the goddess’ sleep undisturbed and the world safe for thousands of years. Joslyn is proud to serve among them, until a man with a deadly secret comes to her for an oracle dream. A secret which Joslyn now shares.

A secret which means the destruction of her world.

Or perhaps its salvation?

Now Joslyn and the man called Ghost are on the run, both from her former masters at the temple and deadly, unstoppable assassins who strike in dreams. What could be worse?

They’re about to find out.

Together they must risk a dangerous quest through both the waking and dreaming worlds to determine the fate of all creation…if they live long enough.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age