A Tune of Demons

by J.E. Mueller

Welcome to a land where magic grows, demons and angels scheme, and chaos roams free.

Three young women, each gifted…or cursed. All three play a pivotal role in a struggle between angels, demons, and a realm of magic.

Fire’s Song: Cursed by demons, Key must find a way to save her soul, while doing her best to avoid destroying all she has ever loved.

Spirit’s Lullaby: As magic around Tella strengthens, the souls she touches grow restless. Do they long for something?
Will magic be the same when the dust settles?

Dreamer’s Melody: Remi walks the world of dreams until she finds herself trapped in a nightmare. Unresolved loopholes lead her to a purgatory adventure that will shatter the realms.

A Tune of Demons follows three young women caught up in the twisted schemes of angels and demons, taking readers on a spellbinding journey of love, magic, and redemption.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic