A Time For Everything

by Brona Mills

AN ACCIDENTAL TIME TRAVELER AND AN INCREDIBLE BIRTHDAY WISH. In a tale of Be Careful What You Wish For, Michael discovers what’s important in life, & what he’ll give up to save the ones he loves.

20 year old Michael is broke & so are his parents. His dream is for financial security. So what harm can it be when someone from the future shows up to help him out? His life will be perfect, right?
As Michael’s time travelling guide returns each year with information & tasks for him, he begins to learn of past mistakes not yet made. Knowledge of career & love interest waiting in the future push Michael to change fate & take his choices into his own hands.
As time reveals the catastrophic events in his life that started this all, doubt creeps in if he ever really wanted the fame & fortune the universe is giving him, and if he really does have any control over time-loops to give it all back.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Same Time

by Brona Mills

‘I keep going farther into your past, but I think I got them all.’
‘All of what?’
‘Each time you died.’
Following her fathers death, twenty-year old Stella has lived the life of riches to rags.
Alone and pregnant, and taking care of her mother, Stella is tough. But when her own life is in danger, help arrives in the form of a stranger who then disappears into thin air.
When Stella meets a much younger version of the man, David, a PhD physics student, studying time travel, they begin a love affair that will change both their lives.
Will David turn out to be her salvation, or her greatest heartaches? Stella loves him enough to keep their shared devastating future timeline a secret. But to save him, she has to let him go…and risk her past survival.

Previously $4.99