A Thief in Time

by Cidney Swanson

Halley, stuck covering jobs for her self-absorbed mom, has Hollywood dreams but no real life, until covering for her mom leads to a tumble back to 1598. There, Halley meets an earl named Edmund and accidentally brings him to the 21st century.
Now she must convince Edmund to keep his hands off tech he doesn’t understand and a deadly sword he can’t use in public. All while trying to keep from falling for him.

Halley must get Edmund back where he belongs soon–and keep a ruthless scientist from suspecting she’s used his time machine. If the scientist finds out about Edmund, he’s as good as dead. And what might that do to history? Not to mention, Halley would be next in line …

All Halley has to do is stay alive, save Edmund (and history) before it’s too late, and not fall for a guy who can’t stick around, no matter how much she wants him to. At least summer’s not boring anymore!

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel