A Thief & a Gentlewoman

by Clare Sager

A city of intrigue. An irresistible con. A mysterious enemy.

Quin poses as an aristocrat to rob from the rich and give to the poor. Her goal: to save the city’s slums. Her method: swindle and move on, because rich men are for conning, not for falling in love with, however tempting this one may be.

Artistic, observant, and charismatic, Atesh is second in line for the throne. Marrying for love is a foolish dream. Or perhaps not. When he meets Quin, he begins to wonder. Little does he know, he’s her next mark. And someone else’s.

Someone who wants more than just his fortune.

The clock ticks. The gallows looms. And Quin must save Atesh from its shadow or lose him forever.

If you enjoy the intrigue of Sarah J Maas and Tamora Pierce’s rebel heroines, you’ll love this page-turning new fantasy adventure series.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical