A Tale of Two Times

by John Vocale

According to the front page photo caption in the (New York) Daily News, my father was MURDERED GANGLAND STYLE.
After being shot in the back of the head by mob soldiers, his blood-soaked body was discovered in my mother’s car, parked on the former dumping ground used by Murder Incorporated.
I was three years old.
Based on that actual event, I’ve written a time-travel adventure where Billy Volante gets the chance to fulfill my lifelong dream–to travel back in time on a lifesaving mission to alert his father of his impending mob murder.
After discovering a time portal, Billy’s goal was simple: locate, inform and escape back to his own time as fast as possible, without altering any history but that of his father’s.
Sounds easy, right?
Guess again!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure