A Tale of Infidels

by Erik A. Otto

Matteo’s lands are steeped in theological doctrine. The prophesies speak of red rains and gargoyles and days where up is down and down is up, but only the most faithful believe.
The Truthseeker is an ambitious apprentice, eager to become a learned Sandalier. He unwittingly unearths a deadly secret that undermines his faith. He is cast out and Marked.
The Traitor is a precocious princess, sent away as a political pawn to entreaty with their most vile historical enemy. But her heathen ways lead to betrayal, and she is also Marked.
The Imbecile is the son of wealthy mining magnate, but also a half-wit. He dishonorably flees his regiment and defies the venerable monks, and is also Marked.
The infidels have no choice but to band together with heathens and criminals to survive, but in so doing, they discover a hidden tapestry that underlies a great threat to their world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic