A Subtle Agency

by Graeme Rodaughan

In a universe where reality can be re-programmed, any wish can be satisfied or any nightmare realised. Vampires rule from the shadows. Standing against them are two ancient secret societies. The Order of Thoth and the Red Empire, united in their opposition to the vampires and bitterly divided by their different values. Anton Smith, a Boston university student in his freshman year, and star Hockey player comes to the attention of the 2nd most powerful vampire in the world, General Chloe Armitage. She has a visionary plan for the future in which she needs Anton to play a critical part. Anton’s world is shattered, he is thrown onto the streets of Boston and must quickly adapt to survive. But will he learn what he needs to know quickly enough to make a difference or will he become a knight in an ambitious vampire’s chess game where the future of humanity is at stake.

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Category: Dark Fantasy