A Shaper’s Promise

by Karen MacRae

On Anna’s medieval world, every living creature has an aura that moves and changes color with each thought, feeling and action. Few people can Read these patterns of light; fewer still can Shape them, altering a person’s very being with the power of their mind. Centuries ago, this heinous act was made punishable by death and the gift died out. Now, though, an evil Aura Shaper is building an Empire based on terror, where ungifted are enslaved and gifted of all kinds must swear to him or die, where the only qualities of value are strength and obedience.

Anna’s just eighteen. She’s been brought up to be compassionate and kind, to use her gift only to Heal and to never, ever, tell anyone what she truly is. A horse named Blue, peristone beads and extraordinary new friends are about to change all that. For Emperor Nystrieth is coming and his adversaries need all the help they can get.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery