A Shaper’s Promise

by Karen MacRae

“Better an ungifted servant than a dead Shaper,” Anna’s mother has told her again and again. She’s not sure when she began to disagree, or when the need to know what she is and learn what she can do began to overwhelm her fear of discovery and death. What she does know is that she can’t continue living the lie, and the only way she might survive is if the Quorum of Gifted grant her their protection.

Before she even manages to leave her backwater home town, she finds herself making friends with an extraordinary horse named Blue and gets embroiled in a rescue mission that takes her in completely the wrong direction – right into the path of disciples of Nystrieth, the Emperor and self-proclaimed God who’s ravaging the continent that lies across the Oestrieth Sea.
“Superb writing, great characters, complex plot and epic storytelling”
“Loved it, loved it, loved it!”

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Category: Fantasy – Epic