A Quest for Freedom: A Golden Key Novel

by Marvin Wilmes

Guardian Angel. Battlefield Memories. Destiny Arrives.

A Quest for Freedom is a holiday season spiritual fantasy treat.

Roger Wilson is a seeker of truth. He and his best friend, Mark Myers have a bond unbreakable. His new friend, Wayne Bennett, is struggling to believe in something larger than himself.

An odd messenger named Zeke may have something more to say on both friendships as Roger is given a preview of his destiny.

Will he make the right choices for his future?

Set in the post Vietnam era year of 1975, A Quest for Freedom has many surprises in store for Roger as he battles tragedy and discovers romance and adventure against the backdrop of his military world.

5 stars
“Well written and a joy to read. Lessons are taught within the framework of an interesting story. I highly recommend this story for teens and adults.” Ted Sugges – Amazon review

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Category: Christian Fantasy