A Princess of Last Resort

by Bill Ricardi

The Blackstaffs never expected their day trip through the elven forests to be interrupted by fire raining down from the sky.

With a ragtag mercenary army invading the sovereignty of the northern elves, Sarah and Granite must escape. They step through an unstable magical portal as meteors rain down all around them, making a leap of faith into the flickering gateway.

Far from home, in cold and snowy foothills, Neither Sarah nor her brother Granite were prepared for the harsh elements. Nor were they prepared for the mercenary army’s dogged pursuit.

Now the clever young mage and her fiercely loyal brother not only have to survive, but they also need to find new allies that can help answer the questions that haunt them: Are their parents still alive? Why can nobody reach the elven royal family? Finally, who are these invaders, and what do they want with the Blackstaff siblings?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery