A Prayer of Light and Venom

by D. Elias Jenkins

A thousand years ago, when the war against the Sorrow scarred half the world, humankind won only by a whisper.
The Order of the Blaze was founded to keep watch against its return. But they are long gone, and the Sorrow creeps back. To tempt kings and corrupt the world with lies and intrigue.
Oligan Rathratta would sell his soul to preserve his royal house. When the Sorrow offers him his heart’s desire in exchange for fealty, ambition wins over honor.
But has Oligan misjudged the price of power?
Now, in a realm ruled by a puppet-king, sorcery is purged by royal decree.
Witchfinders stalk the land seeking those with magic in their blood.
Alfred is a young priest with an unexpected gift. His only hope is to reach a distant monastery rumored to offer sanctuary and the secret to his blessing.
He could prove he’s more than a coward, if the witchfinders don’t kill him first.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

A Prayer of Dusk and Fury

by D. Elias Jenkins

Alfred, half dead and hunted by the forces of the Sorrow, has reached Ironghast. The last refuge for creatures born with the Magus Heart.
But Ironghast Monastery is old and full of secrets.
Now he has to stay alive in a sanctuary for monsters, and learn the truth of his Blessing.
There are whispers of something long thought extinct lurking in the depths of Ironghast. A beast less trusted and more feared than all others…he has heard monks say the name Manticore in hushed tones.
At nights, Alfred sees something from the high towers, tearing across the Bleaks leaving a trail of flame in its wake. A knight who can command holy power. But everyone knows that the paladins are long gone from the world. So why does Alfred’s Blessing ignite inside him?

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