A Path of Ashes

by Brian Parker

The world is on the verge of a global disaster; whether it’s overpopulation, lack of food production, superbugs, or a whole host of potential extinction events. In A Path of Ashes, a terrorist organization known as the Vultures decide to take matters into their own hands, hacking into the US Air Force network to initiate what they term “The Reset” by starting a global nuclear war.

Aeric and Tyler are roommates in Austin when the Vultures initiate their attack. The city is spared, but they must fight for their lives against the rising tide of violence. They travel to Missouri, choosing to brave the nuclear dead zones in order to reunite with Aeric’s family. Along the way, they hear of a city, kept safe from the bombs where residents still live a normal life. The promise of a civilized society becomes the driving force behind their journey of survival.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Fireside, book 2 of The Path of Ashes

by Brian Parker

Post-nuclear war America is a dangerous place. Mutated animals and deadly plants kill within seconds, while marauding gangs threaten to wipe out what’s left of humanity.

The residents of San Angelo are barely surviving in the harsh wastelands, but in a rare stroke of luck, Aeric Traxx finds an engineer who can convert the decaying construction equipment to steam power, allowing them to build walls for defense and power their vehicles for patrols outside of the fences. They learn to survive and fight back.

However, the Vultures aren’t finished with Traxx. Their hatred of his past actions has festered through the years. They’ve infiltrated San Angelo and have a plan to destroy his beloved city. If successful, the gang’s move will irrevocably shift the power in the region and cause the final extinction of man.

Previously $2.99