A New Beginning. Circle Star Adventure Series.

by Atucim Sanumar

After the failure during the last expedition, TC, broken and defeated, shuts himself away to live in the woods. Many months go by before he goes back to Saramis where meets Melanie, a former companion, who struggles to find work. As time goes by, TC, still ridden with guilt and sorrow, notices that Melanie might be falling for him.
When another incident with a possible Forced Pact enslavement spell comes out to light, with Sebastian being behind it, TC decides he needs to stop him.
He visits the Summoning Temple where he asks Farla, the Temple priestess, for help. Farla jumps at the opportunity to invite TC on a date instead. During the date, he learns that the Temple priestess might like him more than a friend.
Will TC be able to foil Sebastian’s plans and prevent another Forced Pact? Will Farla be able to win TC’s heart or will Melanie be the one for him?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery