A Nebulous Crime

by Eric Warren

Something’s afoot.

On the trail of a traitor, Commander Devren Tenebris thinks he has finally cornered the man who betrayed his oath to the Coalition, only to end up walking into a trap. Battered, betrayed, but refusing to return empty-handed, Dev sneaks aboard a starship filled with criminals who are his only hope of picking up the trail.

But Dev has always been by-the-book, and he’ll have to engage in some questionable practices if he doesn’t want to blow his cover. His training never covered backstabbing and theft. Fitting in with the criminal element might not be as easy as he’d hoped.

Unfortunately, time is short. The traitor has already put all the pieces into motion. If Dev wants to stop him from igniting an interstellar war, he may have no choice but show his true colors.

But what happens when the motley crew finds out there’s a cop in their midst?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera