A Hare in the Wilderness

by S E Turner

An Ancient Prophecy. A Treacherous Emperor. A Fallen Heir.

Cursed and marked for life, a young child is banished to the wilderness along with the mother who bore her. Lost, afraid and escaping certain death, they find sanctuary in a clan. Though two decades later, the source of their condemnation starts targeting the clans for land and slaves.

Now a leader and formidable warrior, Ajeya can fight back; but her mother knows more than she has previously divulged, and sends Ajeya on a quest to confront her past and unlock a mystery hidden from her since birth.

The question remains: is Ajeya strong enough to face the truth ?

Book 1 in the epic Kingdom of Durundal series – a fantasy world of myth and legend, of truths, half truths and rebellions, and a prophecy waiting to unfold.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical