A Glimpse of Darkness

by Aman Gupta

What do you do when your future controls your past? What can you do? The origin of JOSH, a sentient AI, reveals a dark secret that Jay had been hiding in his heart for the past three years. JOSH, risen again, is looking for Jay. But there’s only one problem. Jay Miller is breathing his final moments buried in a hole. 3 billion lives are at stake.
Dealing with the aftermath of their trip to Sierra, Emma and Joey are attacked on their way back, by a dangerous militant group residing in one of the nearby TS colonies. Forced to dig holes along with another two hundred prisoners, they discover that the group is searching for something buried under the surface of the planet, a source of immense power. Whoever finds it first will earn their life back. As Joey tries to plan an escape, Emma mysteriously disappears from the camp in plain sight, forcing Joey to dive deeper into the mystery around.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic