A Dragon in the Forest

by Vickie Knestaut & Danny Knestaut

Chenna has never had her head in the clouds, but when a dragon with a grisly cargo drops out of the sky and lands at her feet, in the clouds is exactly where she finds herself.

Helping the dragon return home seems like a welcome distraction from the recent loss of her sister and an unwanted betrothal offer. Leaving her beloved forest behind, she sets off for a destination known only to the dragon.

As their route takes her farther from home and closer to the heart of danger, Chenna teams up with a wounded young man and former dragon rider to help her fulfill a promise. But with a band of rogues behind her, the Queen’s horde ahead of her, and a dragon driven to carry her to the edge of the world she knows, Chenna must take all the skills of a life in the forest and apply them to the sky, only to find that any promise worth keeping will require sacrifice.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic