A Darker Shade of Sorcery

by William Collins

Evan has joined the school for demon hunters in Veneseron.

Veneseron is a world with goblin soap operas and dog-dragons, where teenagers are taught to wield magic and travel between the worlds on missions.

Their missions range from battling monsters and saving lives, to wrangling killer-unicorns and calming down drunken yetis. Evan makes the first friends he’s ever had in the carefree Jed and the reckless Brooke. Whilst Jed gets on the wrong side of a rival Venator, Brooke finds herself falling for the enigmatic hunter who brought her to Veneseron, not knowing he isn’t quite human.

Whilst learning to summon creatures and shoot Spellzookas, it becomes apparent that Evan is more than just a Venator. Everyone wants to kill or capture him, from demons to Dark-Venators and even people he’s supposed to be able to trust.

Evan realises he likely won’t survive the year at Veneseron.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic