A Cup of Blood

by Troy Hill

Medieval Britain needs a champion with fire in her veins and her fangs bared…

Wales, 650 A.D. Maria thirsts for blood but longs for peace. When her latest meal accidentally bites the dust, the imperial Roman vampire draws the attention of a ruthless witch hunt. Cornered and outnumbered, a Celtic goddess intervenes… but Maria is destined to become Britain’s new champion.

Nursed to health by an alluring druidess, Maria’s strength increases, along with an unfamiliar desire for the beautiful caretaker. But with Witch Hunters hot on her trail, roving shifters terrifying the countryside, and Welsh lords warring over their fractured nation, the vampire has no choice but to act. As her short recovery time ends, her dangerous fight has only just begun…

After centuries of hiding in the shadows, can Maria stand in the light and battle to reunify Britain?

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian