2084 – New World Man

by Jim Lowe

Brady knew two things:
It was the end of the world and the Greens had won.
2084 was going to be an interesting year. All he needed to do was break out of jail first.

Sattva Systems™ had transformed Nanotechnology and Fusion Power in a bid to avert the oncoming climate change catastrophe. Still, they were thwarted by the old industries at every turn. Leaving Bodhi Sattva – its charismatic owner with no choice but to team up with the Green Revolutionaries to bring down the internet and capitalism. He would lead them into a new era with his one-hundred-year plan to save the planet.

Then Brady discovered he had a unique ability that he could exploit to establish a criminal enterprise for himself and his adopted family of misfits and conspiracy theorists.

The Greens saw Brady as a threat to their project but not Bodhi Sattva. He had plans for Brady…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic