Frosted Blood

by Larry Pellitteri

In the near future, ancient foes are desperate to retrieve a unique energy source to use as a powerful weapon. But the treasure they seek is buried deep within the DNA of unsuspecting, seventeen-year-old Michael Saxon.

Orphaned at the age of seven, Michael was left with nothing from his parents but a small crystal. Convinced this crystal holds the key to solving the mystery surrounding his parents' disappearance, Michael embarks on a dangerous quest to discover the truth about them and, ultimately, about himself. Teaming up with the independent and mysterious Emma, Michael soon finds himself embroiled in a rousing global adventure full of narrow escapes, traitorous villains, and shocking realities.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

My Delicate Destruction

by Jillian Ashe

They promised her Hope...

My name is Katerina Anderson. In 2016, a drug called Hope was created. Administered during suspended animation, the drug was supposed to cure the cancer my twin brother and I had. When an earthquake leveled Los Angeles, we were presumed dead.

Forgotten, we slept.

The day I woke up, I realized everything had changed. My brother was missing, and everyone else I knew was dead. That drug and all its false promises were the beginning of my destruction.

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Category: Science Fiction - Genetic Engineering


by S. Usher Evans

After hearing a mysterious voice promising an easy escape from her post-break-up depression, Lauren Dailey is transported to a world where she suddenly can feel what others are feeling as an empath. But now a new problem--there's a dragon that has a taste for empaths. Worse yet, it might be the source of the mysterious voice in her mind, tempting her deeper into her own darkness.

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Category: Fantasy - New Adult & College

The Transition of Johnny Swift

by Kerry J Donovan

Frank Brazier is a world class racing driver at the threshold of a career in Formula 1, but he has a secret. He sees things that can't exist--a human-shape he calls Shadow-man. It doesn't speak, but it's always there, in the background, threatening his sanity.

After an horrific accident puts him in hospital, broken, with a shard of metal in his head, Shadow-man speaks for the first time. The words he says forces Frank to re-examine his life and all he holds dear.

"Save her?"
"Save who?"
"Your sister, your family, your world!"

What the reviewers say: "...a high octane thriller that transitions from the F2500 racetrack into a mystical (or sci-fi depending on your perspective) exploration of the border-land between life and death." 

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Category: Dark Fantasy


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