Lunar Discovery

by Salvador Mercer

When a Chinese rover discovers an alien technology on the dark side of the moon, it is up to Richard ‘Rock’ Crandon and his NASA team of scientists and engineers to devise a way to return before the Chinese and Russians.

Forced to deal with bureaucratic oversight and a complex team of personalities, Rock Crandon pushes his team to their limits.

With pressure mounting, the world is pushed closer to conflict and war as the NASA team finds itself seriously behind in the newly initiated space race. The future of mankind, its ideological and technological advances are at stake, as the world's super powers race to discover what lies on the dark side of the moon.

Who will get there first, and at what cost?

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Exploration

Sky Hunter

by Chris Reher

Air Command pilot Nova Whiteside is assigned to a remote outpost to guard the construction of a new tethered orbiter, Skyranch Twelve, against rebel sabotage. The difference between the well-ordered Union air fields and this dusty garrison is made painfully clear when she runs afoul a brutal commander of ground troops.

When she is trapped behind enemy lines in a bloody uprising she meets Djari, a civilian whose trust in the governing Union is shattered by what he has witnessed.

Aboard the elegant new space station not all runs according to protocol and she soon suspects that more than farming is being done up there. When she uncovers the treacherous and illicit schemes taking place, it seems that local riots are the least of their troubles.

Over 100 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera

The Halloween Host

by S. M. Barrett

Arthur Brim owes a debt, and Halloween itself has come to collect. If he fails to pay, every Halloween will become a bitter reminder of a broken promise to his son. To satisfy his debt, he must open his home to the spirits of the holiday. Reluctantly, Arthur agrees, and soon meets the otherworldly members of the October Senate. His guests, both frightful and fantastic, test his willpower and rattle his resolve. They alter his house. They shake his senses. Soon, Arthur begins to doubt that he will be able to pay his debt as the Halloween Host. There's a knock at the door. Another visitor has arrived, and Arthur has no idea who, or what, is waiting on the other side.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Heart of the Ronin

by Travis Heermann

Fantasy writer Travis Heermann (The Ivory Star) brings thirteenth-century Japan to life in Heart of the Ronin, the first installment of a trilogy.

Ken’ishi is just seventeen years old at the time of his parents’ mysterious death. He dreams of someday training with a master who will help him become a samurai.

Traveling with Silver Crane, a sword that belonged to his father, and a dog named Akao, Ken’ishi begins his adventure after he defeats a policeman in a duel and must flee. Just when he thinks he has escaped trouble, he saves Kazuko, the daughter of an influential lord, from a group of bandits. On their journey home, they fall in love, only to discover upon their return that she has been promised to a powerful samurai lord.

Will Ken’ishi be able to save her and uncover his own destiny?

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Category: Fantasy - Historical

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