by Greg Dragon

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Remember when?

Commander Rafian VCA the most gifted Space Marine in the Anstractor Alliance remembers nothing.

Waking up with no recollection of his life before becoming a Jumper recruit, he falls in love, joins a rebellion, and focuses his efforts on overthrowing a government. But as his memory slowly returns, he recalls his original mission. Rafian now has a new goal: find his way home, make things right with the love of his life, and avenge the aliens who invaded his planet. But first, the Jumpers must pay, pay for ruining his life.

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera

Phasers of Anstractor

The Phasers are an elite group of soldiers, hand-picked and re-educated with the secrets of the galaxy.

Phasers can clone, jump to other galaxies, and extend their lives, but their most dangerous weapon is their secrecy. Nobody knows where they come from and how they are able to do the things that they do. But the Geralos may have finally found a way.

With a mole situated deep in Alliance territory, the reptilian aliens have the knowledge they need to strike ruthlessly at the heart of an inscrutable enemy. Their only threat is Rafian VCA, supreme leader of the Phasers, who must sacrifice a part of his own being to gain the power needed to restore Phaser supremacy.

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera


by Suzy Stewart Dubot

The planet Sandar is home to Topaz, a fairy tale fantasy world lost in a universe of portals and sophisticated technology. It is only one of five colonies established centuries before for interplanetary entertainment. The day the Queen of Topaz refuses to take her potion, she sets into motion a domino effect that will slowly change all of Sandar.

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Category: Science Fiction - Colonization

The Fairy Wren

by Ashley Capes

When Paul Fischer receives a strange phone call asking for help, from a woman who might be his estranged wife Rachel, he's drawn into a mysterious search that threatens not only his struggling bookstore, but long-buried dreams too.

Unfortunately, the only help comes from a shady best friend, an Italian runaway and a strange blue fairy wren that seems to be trying to tell him something - yet the further he follows the clues it leaves the less sense the world seems to make. Is he on the verge of a magical, beautiful discovery or at the point of total disaster?

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Category: Fantasy - Metaphysical & Visionary


by Sean Hayden

Being different is never easy, especially when you're a vampire.

Ashlyn is far from normal. She was born a vampire, a trait that makes her utterly unique. Knowing this, her family strived to keep her existence a secret. Tragedy forces her from hiding and hunger drives her into the open. Unfortunately, living in a world that has accepted, embraced, and yet still fears the supernatural is never a good place to stand out. Especially when the one who notices you wants you dead. The only people who can save her want to use her as well, but she's left with little choice. Ashlyn joins the FBI and becomes torn between two worlds. She can either be a monster, or she can help destroy them.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban


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