Star Watch

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

Join the Star Watch crew on their first mission to the planet of Trom, where hostile Pharlom invaders have appropriated high altitude cloud-ports as prisoner of war camps. As a fierce battle in space ensues, fragmented warships fall into Trom’s atmosphere and head right for a populated cloud-port.

From best-selling author Mark Wayne McGinnis comes the highly anticipated Scrapyard Ship spin-off series, Star Watch. The Craing War is now over … the enemy defeated. As planetary systems around the galaxy try to bring normalcy back to their existence, one thing becomes crystal clear … without the Craing around to keep everyone in line, space has become a far more dangerous place. 

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

The Feedback Loop

by Harmon Cooper

Get the first two books in the series for just $0.99 total! Book 1 is free and Book 2 is $0.99.

To kill is to be part of The Loop – the name of the game is maim.

While trapped in The Loop, a virtual entertainment dreamworld, Quantum Hughes struggles to free himself from a glitch that forces him to re-live the same day over and over. Everything changes after he receives a mysterious message from a woman named Frances Euphoria, the first human player he has made contact with in years. Once Frances appears, members of the Reapers, a murder guild, begin surfacing in The Loop, hoping to capture Quantum, or worse - kill him.

With time running out, will Quantum break free from his digital coma before he's captured or killed?

The thin line between dream and reality is pixilated.

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Category: Science Fiction - Aventure

Steampunk is Dead (The Feedback Loop Book Two)

The exciting sequel to The Feedback Loop.

Adjusting to the real world isn't exactly easy for Quantum Hughes. Instead of focusing on his recovery, he takes an assignment alongside Frances Euphoria to a virtual entertainment dreamworld called Steam, in search of a Proxima Developer. True to his nature, Quantum acts out of turn, causing the entire world to turn against him. This gives him two options: return to The Loop for help, or try and hold his own. There is also the problem of the Reapers, who have appeared in Steam ready to hunt him down or worse – kill him.

The real world, The Loop, Steam – three worlds with their own rules, their own enemies.

The thin line between dream and reality is pixilated.

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Category: Science Fiction - Steampunk

Dragonlands Omnibus: Hidden, Hunted, Retribution, Desolation, and Reckoning

by Megg Jensen

NEW omnibus bundle of a USA Today bestselling series!

Enter the world of Dragonlands with all five novels in the bestselling series. Follow Tressa, a young woman raised in an isolated village, whose entire world is set on fire when a dragon mysteriously falls into her town square.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

Cara's Twelve

by Chantel Seabrook

Cara, a young headstrong woman raised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in. When it becomes clear that the heir to the Elbian throne has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess Annul, Cara is ordained by blood and required by law to take her cousin’s place as heir apparent.

One man from each of the twelve provinces are chosen by the royal council to pledge their lives and swords as champions and consorts of the future queen. From these men, Cara must choose the future king of Elbia. Before she is able to take her place on the throne, Cara and her Twelve must visit each province and perform a sacred ceremony, one that will make Cara question everything she thought was real.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

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