Marine Cadet (The Human Legion Book 1)

by Tim C. Taylor

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You’re 17 and lucky. You just made Cadet. But there’s no time to celebrate, because only the best make Marine. Failures face the Cull…

Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into slavery. This is their descendants’ story of survival.
2565 A.D. When seventeen-year old Marine Cadet, Arun McEwan, forges an unlikely friendship with an alien scribe, he crashes into a world of treachery and conspiracy. How can he possibly survive three more years until graduation when every day brings a new deadly threat?

But survive he must because his new alien allies show him glimpses of his destiny — a vision of a better future that only he can forge.

A dream called the Human Legion.

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Category: Science Fiction - Military

Indigo Squad (The Human Legion Book 2)

You’re a Marine. You’re watched by hidden alien eyes. You’re going to die!

Five centuries ago, Earth sold a million children into slavery. This is their descendants’ story of betrayal and revolution.
2566 A.D. Unlike the other Marines on board the troop ship Beowulf, when eighteen-year old Arun McEwan is woken from cryo to board an enemy ship, he already knows he will survive: his destiny to lead the Human Legion has been foretold.

But there are other factions who will stop at nothing to bring about their rival dreams for humanity’s future.

Isolated on a ship rocked by mutiny, betrayal, and murder, Arun must find new allies amongst the most detested of the Navy crew: the freaks…

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Category: Science Fiction - Military

Pale Boundaries

by Scott Cleveland

Terson Reilly knew things would be different on Nivia. But he wasn't prepared for the draconian environmental laws, harsh population control measures or the prejudice against outsiders. Terson finds love when he meets Virene, and the couple do their best to conform, but their rebellious streak leads them beyond the colony's boundaries where their attempt to rescue the crew of a crashed spacecraft unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to expose Nivia's dark secret.

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 Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

The Red Sea

by Edward W. Robertson

When Dante Galand was just a boy, his father Larsin sailed away to make his fortune. And never returned. Since then, Dante has become a great sorcerer. A ruler. A destroyer of kings. And he's just learned that his father is living on a forbidden island at the edge of the known world.

Where he's dying of a mysterious plague. In the company of his friend, the swordsman Blays, Dante travels to the island. To save his father, he'll have to rediscover the island's long-lost magic. But the hunt for its secrets leads Dante on a crash course with the Tauren, the island's violent rulers—and civil war.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

No Good Deed

by Mary D. Brooks

Eva and Zoe Lambros return to Australia from their journey to Greece and Germany in the fifth book of the Intertwined Souls Series. In Germany, they discovered shocking secrets that had spanned generations and the awakening of Eva's paranormal gifts. Their lives have taken an unexpected direction as they have to deal with Eva’s gifts. Their desire for children and an uneventful family life is short lived. Their plans unravel when Eva is involved in a shocking accident that reveals misguided good intentions from the past will have disastrous repercussions for her future. Secrets, shocking revelations, paranormal abilities, visions of the future and supernatural mentors takes Eva and Zoe's lives out of ordinary and uneventful. Truly no good deed goes unpunished.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

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