Gauntlet of Time

by Trip Ellington

Xalo believes that he and his best friend, Jirnik, are destined to spend the rest of their days barely eking out a living as poor scavengers—until a lost princess reveals his destiny as a Wielder.

Wielding his newly bonded magical gauntlet, Xalo and Jirnik are soon pulled into a perilous quest to reunite the lost princess with her family, all while being chased by the corrupted emperor and his minions...

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age

49 Days

by Erik Hamre

Forty years ago the CIA's most secret black operation was supposed to have been shut down for good. It never was.

When a New York psychologist is granted permission to start the first human psychedelic drug trials since the early 1990s, it ends in disaster.

On the opposite side of the world a passenger jet explodes mid-air. Against all odds there is a lone survivor.

When MKULTRA learns the identity of the lone survivor - they rightfully panic.

The consequences of a highly secret black operation, set in motion several decades earlier, is now finally coming back to haunt the agency.

The clock is ticking. The days are numbered. Everyone has secrets. Some are darker than others.

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  Category: Science Fiction - Genetic Engineering

Soldier of Fortune: A Gideon Quinn Adventure

by Kathleen McClure

Wrongly convicted of treason, Gideon Quinn has spent six years harvesting crystal under the killing suns of the Morton Barrens -- until the day a general of the Colonial Corps arrives with an offer of freedom and the chance for Gideon to clear his name.

He doesn't have to think twice.

With his pet draco, Elvis, on his shoulder, Gideon takes 'ship for Nike City on a quest for justice. What he finds is a dodger named Mia, a city steeped in corruption, and a menace at the heart of the Corps which could bring Fortune's new and fragile peace to an explosive end. And that’s just his first night in town.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure


by Drew VanDyke

Buffy meets Supernatural! Werewolves and ghosts and magic, oh my!

When travel writer and werewolf Ashlee Scott returns to her hometown to recuperate from a shooting, she must confront a place full of painful and pleasant memories while dealing with her identical twin sister Amber and the complications of family. Throw in the full moon, old boyfriends, old ghosts and new enemies, and Knightsbridge Canyon will never be the same for her again.

MoonRise is a New Adult Urban Fantasy story of werewolves, witches, ghosts and vampires, family, pack and kin.

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  Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

The Last Great Wizard of Yden

by Suzanne G. Rogers

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Jon Hansen always thought his father’s tales about the magical planet of Yden were fiction. When his father is kidnapped by an evil wizard, however, Jon is forced to dig deeper. His investigation uncovers magical artifacts that will unlock another dimension—if only he can gather his courage to make the journey. On his quest to Yden, Jon encounters wizards, Cyclopes, and a warlord who seem to want him dead. Fortunately, he’s got friends by his side, as well as the ability to draw things to life. Can he and his friends defeat the most evil wizard the magical world has ever known, or will Jon become the latest addition to the Wolf Clan wizard’s gruesome collection of trophies?

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  Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age  

Dragon Clan of Yden

by Suzanne G. Rogers

As Jon's formal magical training begins, his budding romantic attraction to Kira jeopardizes his relationship with Brett. At the same time, the Dragon Clan is bringing the Earth-born children of Yden's wizards back home. Unfortunately, the Fox Clan has also been recruiting these teen wizards for its own sinister plans. The mysterious Guinn of the Fox Clan is searching for a weapon known as the Portal Key and is more than willing to kill for it. Jon becomes increasingly desperate and reckless in his quest to thwart the Fox Clan, but he discovers--too late--his enemy is closer than he thinks.

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