Pawn's Gambit

by Timothy Zahn

The pieces included in Pawn’s Gambit range from the adventure science fiction Timothy Zahn is famous for to post-apocalyptic tales and humorous fantasy. In “The Price of Survival,” an alien ship arrives in our solar system without hostile intentions—but with a desperate need that could destroy humanity. “The Giftie Gie Us” is set in a post-apocalyptic United States, in which two lonely survivors find love among the ruins. And in the title story, a human and his alien opponent face off over a game that will decide which one of them will return home—and which will not.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Metatron The Angel Has Risen

by Laurence St. John

Tyler Thompson continually dwells over his father death that occurred six years ago. Since that day, he constantly gets in trouble. Tyler isn’t a bad kid; it’s just his way of coping. However, in a quick turn of events, Tyler, along with his faithful dog Maxx, falls in a cesspool then swallows some mysterious green liquid that was never again meant to come into contact with humans. Within days, Tyler begins to realize that he has anomalous abilities. Unfortunately, so does the sinister Dr. Payne. Tyler, his best friend Lukas, who also has a special ability and Maxx embark on a journey then together join forces to put an end to Dr. Payne’s evil scheme. However, at the last adrenaline filled moment, Tyler must make a life changing choice; a choice that could also change the world.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Noru: Blue Rose

by Lola Stvil

An impossible mission. A dangerous love triangle. And an Evil determined to destroy them all.....

Over 230 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

The Fury Clock

by Christopher Bunn

MAYHEM, MAGIC AND MANIAC DWARVES Malix Shandy, the best-looking scoundrel in the kingdom, sets off on a hopeless quest to find the dreaded Fury Clock. If he doesn’t find it in seven days, he’ll suffer a fate worse than death. Teamed up with an enormous ogre and a psychotic dwarf, Shandy starts to think maybe death would be restful after a week in such company. But he doesn't have time to die, not with all the necromancers, vampires, and dragons out to get him.

Brimming with romance, monsters, magic, and beautiful wenches, The Fury Clock is a humorous and rollicking adventure in the tradition of Terry Pratchett and Terry Brooks.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

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