A Prospect of War

by Ian Sales

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Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, but those who ignore history do so at their peril. The Empire was born in civil war and now, 1,300 years later, a fresh civil war is brewing. But who is the mysterious “Serpent” who threatens the Imperial Throne? And what can the renegade naval officer known only as the Admiral, and her single battlecruiser, do to combat him? Casimir Ormuz, a young man of low birth, may be the key. Whoever controls him is most likely to win—but he is determined to be his own master.

And then the historical origin of the Serpent’s conspiracy abruptly intrudes into the present… And the civil war becomes a battle for the Empire’s survival.

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera

A Conflict of Orders

by Ian Sales

Casimir Ormuz and the Admiral, at the head of the biggest fleet the Empire has seen since its founding, are on their way to Geneza to meet the forces of the Serpent.

On Shuto, capital world of the Empire, the Serpent has begun his siege of the Imperial Palace. Ormuz and the Admiral must win their battle on Geneza, and then travel to Shuto to save the Emperor, to save the Empire. But winning the fight and lifting the siege are only the beginning. Still complicating matters is the millennia-long conspiracy which seems to be driving the Serpent's rebellion. So who is the real villain? And when it all ends, who will be sitting on the Imperial Throne?

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The Pandora's Trilogy: Complete Box Set

by Kathryn Lance

The human race faces extinction as a recombinant DNA disaster spreads Who can save this post-apocalyptic world?

THE PRINCIPAL, visionary but flawed leader of a fledgling civilization?
THE TRADERS, anti-science fanatics who want to return the world to its “natural state”?
THE GARDEN, women scientists who live like warrior-nuns as they search for answers?
THE DREAM TASTERS, empathic elephants who fear the return of human power?

Or does the future lie with ZACH and EVVY, the fierce but gentle poet-warrior and the beautiful and brilliant young woman he was sent to procure for the Principal’s private delight? An updated classic with all original covers, bonus material and never-before-published scenes.

“This is one trilogy that starts good and gets better with each book." Analog, December, 2015.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

Fate's Fables Boxed Set (Fables 1 - 8): One Girl's Journey Through 8 Unfortunate Fairy Tales

by T. Rae Mitchell

Reality sucks. Make-believe rocks. That's been Fate Floyd's motto for as long as she's been a fantasy geek. But now she can hardly tell what's real and what's not. She's been spelled and mysteriously trapped within a deadly fairy tale world bound by the Book of Fables. Her only way home is to travel through the book's 8 unfortunate fairy tales and change them into happily-ever-afters. And if dealing with scheming sorceresses, greedy goblins and heartless faeries isn't enough to test her sanity, there's Finn. The Scottish boy who looks like he stepped straight out of her dreams. Fate wants to believe in her own happy ending, but the reality is, her road to freedom isn't straight and danger lurks around every bend.

"One of the best and most unique fantasy stories I have read in a long time." ~ Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

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Category: Fantasy - Fairy Tales

The Path of Ravens

by P.K. Lentz

Raised from the dead by the witch Medea, Thamoth of Atlantis is forced to battle a nightmarish foe bent on annihilation. His journey will take him through worlds unknown, into the service of Lord Odinn and the company of a deadly, unspeaking huntress of giants. He will descend into the twisted roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil and witness the end of the kingdom called Atlantis. If his visions of the future prove true, then the end of Asgard and all the Nine Realms, the time of Ragnarok, is close at hand.

An Epic Fantasy adventure steeped in Norse & Greek myth.

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Category: Fantasy - Myths & Legends  

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