by J.B. Rockwell

It was supposed to be an easy job: find the Dark Star Revolution Starships, destroy them, and go home. But a booby-trapped vessel decimates the Meridian Alliance fleet, leaving Serengeti—a Valkyrie class warship with a sentient AI brain—on her own; wrecked and abandoned in an empty expanse of space.

On the edge of total failure, Serengeti thinks only of her crew. She herds the survivors into a lifeboat, intending to sling them into space. But the escape pod sticks in her belly, locking the cryogenically frozen crew inside.

Then a scavenger ship arrives to pick Serengeti's bones clean.

Her engines dead, her guns long silenced, Serengeti and her last two robots must find a way to fight the scavengers off and save the crew trapped inside her.

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Category: Science Fiction - Galactic Empire

The Zone: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

by Tripp Ellis

Nothing gets in, or out, of the zone. It’s Major Jack Steele’s job to see to that.

The year is 2037. 4 million lives were lost in the battle to secure the city. A containment wall was built. Humanity’s only hope of survival is to keep the virus, and the zone, secure.

Steele is a lethal soldier—half man, half machine. But the Army went cheap on parts. A faulty neural interface causes him to live in constant pain. But he has a chance to change all of that when a wealthy billionaire wants an escort into the zone.

With the promise of riches beyond their wildest dreams, Steele and his band of burnouts take the job to pull the ultimate heist. But once inside the zone, everything spins out of control. Steele and his men struggle against hordes of snarling infected and ruthless overlords that rule the wasteland.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic


by Aimee Easterling

From the USA Today bestselling author that readers are calling a "good choice for Patricia Briggs fans" comes an engrossing urban fantasy novel about a shiftless werewolf.

After years of suppressing her inner beast, Terra struggles to forget life in her old pack. But when her past finally catches up with her in the form of an enticing alpha and an overpowering father, she has no choice but to revive her powers—and reclaim the predator within.

With over 250 five-star reviews on Amazon, this now-complete series has been enjoyed by thousands!

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Alignment: The Silent City

by H.G. Suren

Five friends wake up to discover they are left alone on earth--the rest of humanity is gone.

Empty streets are littered with stalled-out cars, buses, and motorcycles. A sunless and moonless sky is covered with an enormous barrier that prevents any view of the heavens. And silence, pervasive and absolute, reigns. Nothing stirs. The air is oppressive and there is no wind, not even the softest breeze.

As far as the five friends can tell, there isn't another living thing on earth other than them, neither animal nor plant. What happened to life on earth while they slept? Or is it that something happened to them? Are they still on earth, or have they somehow been transported elsewhere? If so, where? Heaven? Hell? Another planet? Or are they pawns in a sophisticated computer game? Or is it all just their imagination?

Aram believes they aren't dead. He believes if there is a way into the Silent World, then there must be a way out.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

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