Red Queen: The Substrate Wars 1

by Jeb Kinnison

4.5 Stars: RED QUEEN is a tempered look at politics and science in the near future....

As a new school year ramps up on campus, Justin Smith began another day at the Artificial Life lab running ALife simulations on human evolution. The lab was a sanctuary from the political divisiveness on campus and, for that matter, across the nation. A nuclear terrorist attack in New York City some years ago resulted in a government crackdown on dissent as well as a depressed economy where educational grants were drying up except for those labs who "cooperated" with the government. However, Justin's lab was soon to transform itself from a sanctuary to the center of resistance to the government... [with the] discovery of a computer program so powerful that it could be weaponized, tilting the balance of power even further into the hands of an already repressive government. The race is on....

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Echoes of Angels

by Matt Larkin

More than three thousand years ago Angels saved humanity from destruction, but Earth was lost. The Angels spread humanity across the stars and ruled the universe for twenty-five hundred years. Then they vanished.

Angelologist Rachel Jordan has come to the hellish world of Gehenna in search of a lost relic said to hold all the knowledge of the Angels. With it, she could free mankind from the theocratic rule that has dominated it for millennia. But other factions seek it for themselves, and religious zealots will stop at nothing to keep it safe. Her only protection is Knight, a mercenary with a hidden past, a man who may prove more dangerous than any who pursue Rachel.

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera


Ancient Appetites

by Oisin McGann

After nearly two years away, eighteen-year-old Nate has returned. But his homecoming is shattered when his eldest brother, Marcus, is mysteriously killed. Following the Rules of Ascension, which allow one male family member to murder another, Nate is being blamed. Nate knows he isn’t the murderer, but who is? With the help of his sister-in-law, Daisy, and his cousin Gerald, Nate intends to find out. Their investigation brings them into the underbelly of the Wildenstern empire, where living machines, conspiring relatives, and undercover mercenaries do their dirty work. But when a disaster uncovers the ancient remains of Wildenstern ancestors, the lives of the family members and their struggle for power will take a bizarre and gruesome turn.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

The Call of the Crown

by T.J.Garrett

Dragons, Witches, Wolves, War - Your Next Epic Fantasy Begins Here

Forced onto a path he does not wish to follow, a young man must put aside his dream of a quiet life and come to terms with his new-found destiny. If he fails, a shattered fantasy will be the least of his worries.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

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