by Jerry Dubs

Stumbling in the dark of an unfinished tomb beneath the sands of Saqqara, American tourist Tim Hope unknowingly passes through a time portal that leads to ancient Egypt — a time before the Sphinx, before the great pyramids of Giza, and long before the loss of his beloved Addy.When he discovers that two other Americans preceded him through the time portal, Tim immerses himself in the ancient world to search for them. As he becomes more comfortable with the simpler, more immediate land, he finds himself irresistibly attracted to the delicate Meryt, a wbt-priestess for the god Re.

Learning that a seven-year famine has led to a plot to overthrow King Djoser, Tim discovers that his fate, the lives of the two Americans and the future of Egypt rest in the hands of the legendary Imhotep, master architect of the Step Pyramid, renowned physician and intimate adviser to King Djoser.

Downloaded by more than 100,000 readers, “Imhotep" is the first book in an acclaimed four-book series about the ancient Egyptian architect Imhotep. Nearly 300 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

The Big City

by Scott Reeves

Jed Morble, a Big City man, is weary of the endless rush of civilization. Weaned on fabulous tales of the Great Outdoors told to him by his long-dead grandmother, he longs for the outside, but knows he’ll never find it. So he trudges despondently through his pointless existence, until one day, he happens upon a document that points the way to a door that leads to another world—of green hills and vast natural countrysides.

The only problem is, the door is deep in the heart of a bombed-out section of the city that now serves as a prison for the dregs of society.

Jed decides to make the attempt. His journey will lead him through criminal territory and into a vast, unspoiled new world, where he’ll clash with aliens who once decimated the Earth, and will ultimately learn a shocking secret about the new world he plans to call home.

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian

Faery Realms

by Anthea Sharp

Enter the magical realms of Faery with these ten award-winning, bestselling fantasy authors. Each title in this sampler collection offers a new and different world full of mystery, love, and most of all, fae enchantment.

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Category: Fantasy - Fairy Tales

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