Artificial Absolutes

by Mary Fan

Jane Colt is just another recent college grad working as an Interstellar Confederation office drone—until the day she witnesses her best friend, Adam, kidnapped by a mysterious criminal. An extensive cover-up thwarts her efforts to report the crime, shaking her trust in the authorities. Only her older brother, Devin, believes her account.

Devin hopes to leave behind his violent past and find peace in a marriage to the woman he loves. That hope shatters when he discovers a shocking secret that causes him to be framed for murder.

With little more than a cocky attitude, Jane leaves everything she knows to flee with Devin, racing through the most lawless corners of the galaxy as she searches for Adam and proof of her brother’s innocence. Her journey uncovers truths about both of them, leading her to wonder just how much she doesn’t know about the people she loves.

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Category: Science Fiction - Space Opera

Rise of the Six

by Matt Ryan

Joey Foust has no idea he's a wanted man and his parents aim to keep it that way. They raised him as a normal boy in a small American town, hoping he and his friends don't discover what lies beyond. And for eighteen years, they succeed.

Joey and his friends, the Preston Six, were all born on the same day, but soon come to find they have much more in common than a simple birthdate. Details of their past are suspicious, and they are determined to figure out what their parents are hiding.

What they find pushes the boundaries of their beliefs. Now, they're forced to leave behind everything to face an unknown adversary who's been hunting for them since the day they were born. They must rise as one, or fall to enemy hands.

Rise of the Six is the first book in The Preston Series, an action/adventure saga that featurespage-turning excitement and entertaining battles that spans different worlds. Worlds that include zombies and high tech. If you like mysterious sci-fi and nail-biting action, then you'll love the first book in the series.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure


by Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis's Skullenia trilogy is a hilarious, supernatural escape. Welcome to the undead town of Skullenia!

Skullenia seems to be the last place that needs a detective agency. At least that's what Ollie thinks, until Count Jocular commissions him to help resolve a series of unexplained disappearances.

Ollie is a half-vampire who inherits a detective agency in the undead town of Skullenia. He also inherits his uncle's staff: a zombie who can barely hold himself together (in more ways than one), a reanimate the size of a phonebox with an IQ to match, a mad professor, and their chain smoking friend Ronnie who has the ability to make himself invisible.

Has Ollie bitten off more than he can chew? With the help of his motley crew and some quite frankly ridiculous characters, Ollie attempts to solve the perplexing mystery.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Ascendancy The Arena

by Bradford Bates

Jackson Fairfield was your average kid until he started to see things. What if the things that went bump in the night were real, what if it was your job to stop them? Would you heed that call? Follow Jackson as he starts to discover just what it means to be born as one of the Gifted. Life has a funny way of thwarting your best-laid plans, but sometimes, just sometimes, what you find is more magical than you ever thought possible.

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age

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