Mad Powers

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

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Rob Chandler, regaining consciousness, realizes he’s somehow been involved in a horrendous car accident. In pain and unable to move, he has no memory of his identity, or how the hell he'd gotten on that deserted desert road in the middle of nowhere. He has little time to contemplate his situation when he sees an 18-wheeler barreling down on him. The truck swerves, crashes, and plows into Chandler’s already decimated car. Then, as if his luck couldn’t get any worse, he watches a 30,000 volt high-power line drop from a telephone pole into his mangled car, hanging suspended mere inches from his head. Still alive, something at a molecular level changes Chandler.

Past enemies converge in a small desert town in Arizona, with one singular objective in mind … to kill Rob Chandler. What they didn’t expect was coming up against Rob’s new, strange, mad powers. From small town America to high-society of Baden-Baden, Germany, join Rob Chandler in this high-tension, paranormal thriller that doesn’t let up until the very last page.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Deadly Powers

I looked up at Calloway and then over to Baltimore. “Are you telling me Pippa is inside that body bag? That she’s dead?”

It’s been nearly a year since Rob Chandler drove headlong into a telephone pole, on a deserted road outside Kingman, Arizona. He survived the crash, even the 30,000-volt high-power cable that dangled inches from his head. But he didn’t come away from the incident anywhere near the same man he was before. On the negative side, he was hearing strange voices in his head; on the positive side, he’d gained the ability to look deep into others’ minds … and influence their thoughts.

Now an agent for the small, covert, SIFTR Agency, Chandler is confronted with the possibility something terrible has occurred to a beloved fellow agent. He knows who is responsible, the WWZ, which is the same fanatical Neo-Nazi organization he’d dealt with only months earlier, in Baden Baden, Germany—and another, even more powerful organization, called the Order. Together they are making their move—one that could alter the geopolitical landscape of the United States, forever.

The newly selected multi-billionaire leader of the Order, Rudy Palmolive, has a unique hobby … he’s built an 1881 re-creation of the town of Tombstone … and it’s something else, it’s a testing ground for those interested in joining his diabolical organization. When Chandler infiltrates the town, he‘ll need more than his unique mental capabilities … he’ll need to draw his Colt .45 Peacemaker faster than the man going by the name, Billy the Kid.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Kill School

by Karen Carr

If you had to kill one person who would it be?

KILL SCHOOL follows sixteen-year-old Aria Nova as she explores her identity within a futuristic society that gives people permission to kill one person with a token. Medical science has enabled everyone to live forever, which produces an overpopulation problem. Since no one dies of natural causes, and to control the population problem, each person between the ages of sixteen and eighteen must kill someone. A life for a life.

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian


by Shawna Reppert

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In a life of impossible choices when sometimes death magic is the lesser of the evils, can a dark mage save the world and his own soul? Corwyn Ravenscroft. Raven. The last heir of an ancient family of dark mages, he holds the secret to recreating the Ravensblood, a legendary magical artifact of immense power. Cassandra Greensdowne is a Guardian. Magical law enforcement for the elected council--and Raven's former apprentice and lover. She is trying to live down her past. And then her past comes to her door, asking for her help. Raven becomes a spy for the council that his master William wants to overthrow, with Cassandra as his contact. Cass and Raven have a plan to trap William outside his warded sanctuary. But William is one step ahead of the game, with Raven's life, his soul, and the Ravensblood all in danger. Award-winning urban fantasy in an alternate-universe Portland, OR.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Raven's Wing

Raven struggled to escape the world of dark magic he'd committed to as a bitter young man. Now he must come to terms with both his past and his ancestry. What will be his place in the Three Communities? When he finds himself on the run, trying to find the stolen Ravensblood, the task grows much harder. He must protect the people he has come to care about from the danger of this powerful artifact in the wrong hands, and at the same time prove he is not the thief! Award-winning urban fantasy set in an alternate-universe version of Portland, OR. Second book in the Ravensblood series; get ready for the third book coming 2/6/16!

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Kindling Flames: Flying Sparks

by Julie Wetzel

When Vicky becomes the target of a serial arsonist plaguing the city, Darien calls on the supernatural community to help. Pulling the creatures of the night together to cooperate on any project is troublesome at the best of times. The fact that the one responsible for the city's woes is a being of fire and magic leads the reluctant groups to a truce that makes Vicky start to think that her job might be a bit more than one normal human can handle.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

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