Pandora's Genes

by Kathryn Lance

Zach, a good man in a dangerous world, is sent to fetch the beautiful young Evvy for The Principal, the charismatic but flawed leader of a struggling post-apocalyptic society. But when Evvy saves Zach’s life he realizes he cannot carry out his mission and must turn his back on all he has ever believed and worked for.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

Real Illusions: The Awakening

by Tanya R. Taylor

Dark secrets... Beautiful French woman on the run... Skeletons in a closet... The shifter... WHAT CAN BE MORE SINISTER?

The mansion in the woods holds chilling secrets that have sauntered down throughout the generations. Trent Matheson--the victim of a brutal past--is afraid of what lies within him. Struggling to live an ordinary life, he finds that the control he once possessed is slowly slipping away. The money, the power, the newly-found love cannot subdue what is inherently a part of him.

Real Illusions offers a remarkable edge where two storylines are intricately intertwined -- as if the reader is getting two books in one.


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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

The Beast of the North

by Alaric Longward

In this medieval dark fantasy action novel we follow thieves Maskan and Sand in their quest to survive the wrath of a king. The Nine Worlds have been sundered from each other and the gods during the goddess Hel’s War thousands of years ago, but in the land of Midgard the years have passed relatively peacefully.

For Red Midgard, times are changing, however. The harsh, freedom-loving northern land faces the animosity of the mighty High King, but also a threat of war with its few allies, as King Morag is rumored to look for any reason to go to war with his allies. Maskan and Sand, thieves of Dagnar, discover a web of conspiracies to topple the king before it is too late, and soon, they have a good reason to tie their fates with those who would fight the king.

But not all is as it seems, and layers of truths and lies make the road dark and dangerous. Our heroes must navigate very murky waters of betrayal, elemental magic, love, and loyalty to save their land and to find revenge.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

A Whisper of Leaves

by Ashley Capes

When ESL teacher Riko finds an old journal buried in the forests beneath Mt Fuji, a malevolent, untraceable force begins to threaten her at every turn.

But is it all in her head?

The more she studies the journal for answers, the more questions she uncovers. Worse, no-one takes her fears seriously and her best lead appears to be a belligerent old man, whose only care in the world is raking leaves deep in the forest.

With her grip on reality shaken and friendships strained to breaking point, Riko has to discover the truth about the journal in order to put ghosts of the past to rest, as strange events turn deadly.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

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