...Before You Leap

by Les Lynam

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Two teens from two centuries apart, one the direct descendant of the other. Einstein's Theory didn't cover THIS relativity.

Sean Kelly considered himself an average 16-year-old, living in an average neighborhood in a small University town. Nothing too exciting ever happened in Grover's Corners, Missouri; some might even label it boring. His ordinary life was disrupted when a distant relative dropped by at the beginning of his Junior year in high school. A distant relative from the 23rd Century.

Two 16-year-olds in a time machine. What could possibly go wrong?

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Category: Science Fiction - Time Travel

...Saves Nine

Book Two in the "Time Will Tell" series.

Sean Kelly and LX travel back one more generation to the year 1969. The question is: will either teen know how to 'make the scene' in the sixties? Can they blend in with the other teens in tiny Mercer, Iowa; including Sean's dad? When they return to 1995, both of them have regrets about the past.

Books 2 and 3 of the "Time Will Tell" series are also available FREE to KindleUnlimited readers.

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Category: Science Fiction - Time Travel

Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening

by Mara Powers

Atlantis is an idyllic paradise where citizens are meant to live in alignment with nature and reach their highest potential. For thousands of years, they have powered their cities with a Crystal Grid fed by psychic mindlight. But the Grid has been infiltrated by parasitic shadows that feed off the negative emotions of humans – an epidemic called “the madness.” D’Vinid, a dejected musician, is consumed by his personal problems. But when he meets Brigitte, who has arrived in Atlantis from the dreamclans, a chain of events is set in motion, showing D’Vinid he has an important role to play. He is among those born with a gene, that can unlock the mystical powers once believed to be the birthright of all humans. Soon he is faced with his own awakening, and the shocking realization that Atlantis could be experiencing the end of its days.

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Category: Science Fiction - Metaphysical & Visionary

Echo in Time

by Lindsey Fairleigh

DISCOVER WHAT'S HIDDEN--a powerful, mythic race, an ancient Egyptian prophecy, and a love strong enough to shatter the boundaries of time.

A series of shocking revelations leaves Lex, a young archaeologist, reeling. Before she has a chance to catch her breath, she's swept away in a passionate love affair and finds herself thrust into the heart of a millennia-old war between beings with god-like powers. Standing between the father she's never met and the man she's fated to love, Lex must make a choice: sacrifice her heart to save the world, or sacrifice the world to save her heart.

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Category: Fantasy - Myths & Legends

Escape: The First Omnibus WTF I-III (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Book 0)

by W.J. Lundy

ESCAPE is the first Omnibus containing: Vol 1 Escaping The Dead, Vol 2 Tales of The Forgotten and Vol 3 Only the Dead Live Forever in one cover.

A page-turning zombie slasher Series with over 1,300 five-star reviews on Amazon: From the outbreak in Afghanistan to the struggles at sea. Brad and his comrades realize the war for humanity has only just begun. And there's no guarantee any of them will survive the long journey home...

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

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