Contact Us: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller

by Al Macy

Get the first two books in the series for just $0.99 total!

On May 22, 2018, every person on Earth sneezes. Simultaneously.

Hours later, an alien spacecraft appears over New York City and broadcasts a dire message of impending doom. The future of the human race will depend on the whims of a solitary extraterrestrial who appears in the form of Walter Cronkite. Yes, that's right, Walter Cronkite, the deceased news anchor.

Ex-FBI troubleshooter Jake Corby has faked his death and dropped out of sight, living like a hermit in a small town. But the president is convinced Corby's still alive. He wants Jake, with his unique problem-solving skills, added to the team that will try to defeat the strange but powerful alien. Jake needs to overcome his introvert tendencies if he's going to help save the planet.

The race is on to figure out his true motives and the meaning of the sneeze event.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

The Antiterrorist: A Jake Corby Sci-Fi Thriller

A terrorist organization has figured out a way to destroy satellites, and they're going to keep doing it until their demands are met.

When the Hubble Telescope disappears, the FBI calls on troubleshooter Jake Corby. Corby has promised his wife to cut down on the hero stuff, but when the International Space Station is targeted, his promise gets hard to keep.

The Antiterrorist is a standalone book, with no cliffhanger or "to be continued" at the end. It may be read before or after other books in the series.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure


by Adrienne Lecter

If the zombie apocalypse happens tomorrow—how would you spend your last day?

An unknown epidemic is ravaging the country. Terrorists take over a biotech company. A scientist finds herself caught in the events. And all she really wants is a cup of coffee. Check out this brand new zombie apocalypse series!

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Category: Science Fiction - Dystopian

A Bright Power Rising

by Noel Coughlan

AscendantSun's memory stretches back to the bloody birth of the cosmos. Created to serve a dead god, he tired of his empty religion and adopted the faith of his former enemies. Now, a threat from the past is forcing him to choose between his new friends and his own people.

Escaping enslavement made Grael a hero in others’ eyes. As everything he has won begins to slip away, he strives to protect his loved ones from both the Elfin invaders and the machinations of his own ruler.

Mercenary, manipulative and murderous, Garscap has the mind of a great leader, but not the heart. Will his ruthlessness prove ultimately to be his people’s salvation or their bane?

Prophesy is against them. Numbers, too. But, the greatest threat is mistrust. Can they forge an effective alliance before the bright power rising in the east destroys them?

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

The Avatars

by Lisa Blackwood

When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years. In a heartbeat, her ordinary life becomes far more complicated, and if her overprotective, shape-shifting guardian is to be believed, there’s an evil demi-goddess just waiting for the chance to enslave them both.

Note: This box set contains the first three books in the Avatars Series. (Stone’s Kiss, Stone’s Song, and Stone’s Divide)

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

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