Nano Contestant - Episode 1: Whatever It Takes

by Leif Sterling

In 2114, Pinnacle Corporation, the world’s largest tech company, hosts the Tech Games to showcase the world’s latest technology. The contestants must battle it out in 11 brutal games to ultimately win a $100 million prize!

Hacking, firewalls and electronic countermeasures are all being used by contestants while running and fighting at top speed.

Roland has vowed to save his father’s life and get him set free - no matter what it takes. Entering the brutal Tech Games as a contestant gives Roland the perfect cover to get close to the Pinnacle Corporation to uncover evidence that would free his father.

Over 140 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

Dispatches from a Future War

by Rod Carstens

Christian McCloud was the king of stream of consciousness journalism. Download a celebrities memories, craft them into an experience, upload to the web and let the world download them for fun and profit. Then he went to war. He faced questions he was not prepared to answer.

What happens when virtual reality and reality intersect? Can it kill you?
How many times can you be killed in battle only to be salvaged and sent sent back to war?
If you experience someone else death will you die?
What is death when technology changes all the rules?
If you experience someone else’s memories how will you be changed?

Christian faced these questions and many more as he tries to bring the experiences of war to the world. The real question is will he survive his own experiences?

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Category: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

Sorrow's Point

by Danielle DeVor

Not All Exorcists are Equal....One is Marked.

When defrocked ex-priest, Jimmy Holiday, agrees to help an old friend with his sick daughter, he doesn’t expect the horrors that await him. Blackmoor, his friend’s new residence, rests upon the outskirts of the town of Sorrow’s Point. The mansion’s history of magic, mayhem, and death makes it almost a living thing – a haunted mansion straight out of a Stephen King novel. Jimmy must decide if the young girl, Lucy, is only ill, or if the haunting of the house and her apparent possession are real.

After the house appears to affect him as well with colors of magic dancing before his eyes, rooms warded by a witch, and a ring of power in his voice, Jimmy is met by a transient who tells him he has “the Mark.” Whatever being “marked” means, Jimmy doesn’t care. All he wants to do is help Lucy. But, helping Lucy means performing an exorcism.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Cloak of Shadows (The Netherwalker Series, Book 1)

by CK Dawn

2015 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner for YA - General

What if all you've ever known of King Arthur's legend was a lie to mislead you from the truth? What if Camelot truly existed, but was destroyed to keep its secrets? And, what if there were descendants of the Knights of the Round Table defending us today from the creatures that lurk within the shadows? If the gloaming came looking for you would you answer its call?

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age

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