Apocalyptic Fears II

by Multiple

When the world falls apart, when civilization collapses, when life as we know it ends, our greatest terrors becomes real. Perhaps it's nuclear war with its poisonous radiation, hideous plagues or chemical contamination, rogue artificial intelligences controlling killer robots, or zombies that turn our friends and neighbors into inhuman monsters. What can the common man or woman do in the face of apocalyptic fears?

Apocalyptic Fears II is a collection of bestselling, award-winning or just plain exciting books by some of the best independent authors of today.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic


by Annelie Wendeberg

Our world changed — our climate, our ecosystems, our food and water supplies. Our survival stands on a knife’s edge. Ten billion lives are lost. Three million survived. War is coming. This is our story.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Halfway Dead

by Terry Maggert

Come for the waffles. Stay for the magic. Carlie McEwan is a cook by day, witch by night. She's pure, honest, and powerful. When asked to solve an ancient mystery, she laces her Docs, readies her spells, and says yes. She never dreamed that her search would take her to the deepest shadows of the forest, but with a half-vampire, a crusading cop, and her family magic, she'll find the source of power-- and danger-- that made a ghost reach through time to ask her one favor: Come find me.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

The Thirteenth Hour

by Joshua Blum

''The ancient clock in the Land of Dreams struck thirteen, and the dreams, now free, soared back to Earth under first vesper’s light.''

And so begins ''The Thirteenth Hour,'' a tale about dreams and wishes, wild hearts and childhood promises, and the quest to find the unsung hero that lies in all of us. In it, Logan is a young man who must leave his sleepy village to be a soldier in King Darian IV's Imperial Army. Although immediately at odds with military life, Logan’s tour is surprisingly extended when he is picked to be specially trained for a mysterious quest to find the secret to eternal life, catapulting him alone into an epic adventure he had previously only thought possible in daydreams and fairy tales. Along the way, he discovers a little about dreams, love, growing older, and that maybe, just maybe, he's up to the task that's been set before him after all.

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age

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