The Chronicles of Benjamin Jamison: Call Sign Reaper

by Thomas A. Wright

After a dishonorable discharge from the military on trumped-up charges, all Ben wanted to do was stay under the radar and be left alone. Someone with his talents and training is not soon forgotten or left alone. Ten months of peace and quiet are about to come to an end, starting with a bar fight and a visit from a special operations officer with orders to bring him back into the fold. He swore he would never go back but when the opportunity came knocking in the form of a beautiful commanding officer he didn't think twice about signing up. With a slight twist, this time he would do things his way. Friend or foe they are all the same to him.

Nearly 100 Five Star Reviews!

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Category: Science Fiction - Military

The Rolling Eyes

by Joe M. Heads

Aliens can be really nice. Until you hurt them...

FAST BLUE is a member of the alien race of ROLLING EYES, from the planet Crimson. Adapted to life on Earth, a Rolling Eye lives happily and comfortably, providing invaluable help to the human race with his sophisticated abilities. Most people enjoy the wonderful attributes of his huge eye, which takes up one complete side of his wheel-like body.

This large eye, similar to an electronic screen, can also display images, on demand, from his memory. FAST BLUE gets into plenty of trouble in our universe, including harassment, kidnapping and environmental struggles to mention just a few… but, thanks to his ingenious capabilities, far exceeding those of the human race, he always emerges a winner.

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Category: Science Fiction - Colonization

Twisted (#1 Deathwind Trilogy)

by Holly Hook

Sixteen-year-old Allie's going on the vacation of her life: tornado chasing. What can possibly go wrong with that? But a terrifying, magical experience leaves Allie shocked and confused, and she learns that she now bears an awful curse. Every time there's a storm, she turns into a tornado. Literally. Allie has no choice but to flee her hometown--if she stays, her new powers could harm or even kill everyone she loves. She must return to the plains and find those who made her this way. But this journey is only the beginning of her adventure.

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Born To Magic, Tales Of Nevaeh, Vol I

by David Wind

Welcome to Nevaeh— a world where technology no longer exists, but magic does. Long ago, the violence and radiation of the terrorist wars killed America. Those left dwell in a world of ritual and magic where ten dominions struggle for supremacy and a dark power rises to claim all. Areenna, the only daughter of the King of Freemorn, is barely eighteen, yet her psychic ability is strong. Summoned to ‘The Island’, she learns that the fate of her world is in her hands. She must undertake a perilous journey to save Nevaeh from destruction. But, she will not travel alone. Mikaal, the son of the High King of Nevaeh, has as much at stake as Areenna. Their quest takes them through haunted wastelands filled with mutants while an evil force does everything in its power to stop Areenna and Mikaal—for it wants Nevaeh as its own.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

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