Z Plan: Blood on the Sand

by Mikhail Lerma

Cale was sent to Iraq with the usual thoughts any Soldier going to war might have; being lonely away from his family, not wanting to take another human's life, and above all, the fear of never returning home. Although well trained, nothing could have prepared him for the horror he was about to face.

Cale never thought the thing that could keep him from ever seeing his wife and daughter again would be a zombie apocalypse. As he and a handful of fellow Soldiers escape their base after a massive zombie attack, becoming deserters in order to survive, he begins the long and unexpected journey home through the harsh terrain of the desert; a barren landscape now swarming with not only undead cannibals, but also the enemy he was originally sent to fight.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

The Synchronicity War Part 1

by Dietmar Arthur Wehr

Mankind's expansion into space has stumbled across a shockingly xenophobic alien race that refuses all attempts at peaceful contact and seems bent on a war of extermination. One man's uncontrollable and unpredictable precognitive visions are the only thing that give Space Force a fighting chance. Considered a tactical genius by his superiors, he dreads the prospect of being in command of a major battle that will decide Humanity's fate. This book is military SF about desperate battles and the men, women and A.I.s who fight and die in them. Be aware that Part 1 has a cliff hanger ending.

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Category: Science Fiction - Military

Hotblood, House of Slide

by Juliann Whicker

He stole a kiss from the wrong girl… Left without a soul, 17-year-old Dariana Sanders waited to die. There was nothing left to live for, nothing to feel besides the aching cold that never stopped. Her parent’s marriage was in shambles, and her brother, the only one who understood, the only one who knew how to make the cold go away, was gone forever. The only thing Dariana knew with absolute certainty was that nothing could possibly be right again. Enter Lewis Axel Nialls. Luckily for her, impossible is right up his alley. He can save her from the forces that wish to destroy her. Of course who’s going to save him, from her?

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Category: Fantasy - Paranormal & Urban

Lucent Sylph

by RJ Conte

Lucas Thissel has something he fears: an alien species of palm-sized glass fairies called Lucent Sylphs. They came through a portal from a metaphysical dimension, and they indenture themselves as slaves to human beings. Too much neglect or unkindness, and they will cloud over and disintegrate. Too much love and their hearts are overcome and burst.

And one has attached herself to him.

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Category: Fantasy - Metaphysical & Visionary

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