Future Tense - Twelve First-In-Series Young Adult SciFi Novels

by Susan Kaye Quinn, Vincent Trigili, Anthea Sharp, Catherine Stine, PK Hrezo, Patti Larsen, Cidney Swanson, Lisa Nowak, Rose Garcia, Magan Vernon, Amy Evans, Lee Strauss

From twelve USA Today, Amazon and award-winning authors comes Future Tense, an electrifying YA sci-fi boxed set. Inventive first in series with trans-humans, sexy alien romance, Martian pioneers, cyborg gunslingers, unusual dolphin research, time travel, computer games with doors into faerie realms, mind readers, eternal life adventures, extraordinarily gifted teens and so much more. Available for a limited time.

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Desert World Savages Part 1: Abduction

by Lisa Lace

Tracy's out for drinks at a bar when she gets picked up by a sexy alien from outer space. She finds herself trapped in a spaceship. The plan? Sell her as a bride to space miners. Tracy needs to escape, but she needs the help of the alien who abducted her to get out!

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Category: Science Fiction - Adventure

Dark Legion

by Paul Kleynhans

The Empire made him a slave. They should have killed him.

Saul and his allies plot to steal the crown of Ubrain from the Emperor's vault. In the crown, he sees the means to unify his enslaved people and bring them to freedom. But their road is not a straight one, and they soon find themselves facing the Inquisition, and are caught in the middle of an unseen war as older powers work to twist the world to their own design. Saul has never been one to set easy tasks for himself, but he is determined to break the Empire's grip on his people, no matter how much blood must be spilled along the way. They should have killed him when they had the chance, for he will not be so lenient.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Feyland: The Dark Realm

by Anthea Sharp

USA Today Bestselling Urban Fantasy ~ What if a high-tech computer game was a gateway to the dangerous Realm of Faerie?

Feyland is the most immersive computer game ever designed, and fifteen-year-old Jennet Carter is the first to play the prototype. But she doesn’t suspect the virtual world is close enough to touch — or that she’ll be battling for her life against the Dark Queen of the faeries.

Tam Linn is the perfect hero — in-game. Too bad the rest of his life is seriously flawed. The last thing he needs is rich-girl Jennet prying into his secrets, insisting he’s the only one who can help her.

Together, Jennet and Tam enter the Dark Realm of Feyland, only to discover that the entire human world is in danger. Pushed to the limit of their abilities, they must defeat the Dark Queen… before it’s too late.

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Category: Fantasy - Fairy Tales

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