Extermination Day

by William Turnage

Extermination Day – January 15, 2038 – The day the world dies. It begins with a surprise meteor shower. Within hours millions become sick. The horrible virus quickly spreads, killing everyone in its path. Remnants of world governments soon discover that this is no ordinary virus. It was engineered to eradicate the human race.

Congressman Jeff Madison is one of the few surviving members of the US government. He and a team of scientists at a secret underground base must figure out who is behind the attack. Their only hope may be Project Chronos, the world’s first operational time machine.

Jeff and his team need to find a way to go back in time and warn humanity of the coming apocalypse. But what can they do when the very air they breathe can kill them, an overwhelming malevolent force is hunting them, and a traitor is undermining their efforts at every turn?

It’s a fight for survival throughout time with humanity’s past, present, and future at stake.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

Broken Dreams (Shattered Lives, Book One)

by Rissa Blakeley

Warning: For mature (18+) audiences only

Elaina Cooper’s world was turned upside down on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She was about to marry the man of her dreams, but just as she was to walk down the aisle, screams pierced the air.

Henry Daniels knew that his haunted past would eventually catch up to them, but he hoped Elaina would still accept him. Henry’s determined to fight to make their relationship work no matter what.

Along with others, they must travel south. There will be joys and loss but, in the end, is love enough to hold them together?

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

The Mages of Bennamore

by Pauline M Ross

A fragile peace. A clash of magic. A woman with secrets. The war between Bennamore and the coastal region was over almost before it began. But the uniquely powerful mage who forged the alliance is dead, and the coastal folk are restless. Now the victors are bringing their spellcraft to the Port Holdings, unaware that the locals have their own less conspicuous magical ability.

Fen’s new job with the mages of Bennamore seems pleasant enough, but their powers threaten to expose her shady little habits. And then she can’t shake off the attentions of the flirtatious and uneducated guard, Mal.

The mysterious disappearance of a mage uncovers a dragon’s nest of deceit. Mal needs Fen’s help to figure it out, but her past drags everyone into the middle of a violent conspiracy. Yet she may be the only one who can stop them plunging back into a war which, this time, would destroy all of them.

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Category: Fantasy - Epic

Snow in July

by Kim Iverson Headlee

Commanded to marry by William the Conqueror, and facing shattered oaths and a ravening evil power determined to overthrow the new king, Alain and Kendra face a battle unlike any other as their honor, their love, their lives, and even their very souls lie in the balance.

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Category: Fantasy - Historical

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