The Adventures of Kirk Rogers; Inside the Moon

by C. J. Boyle

Star Trek meets The Big Bang Theory in this hilarious scifi mashup that follows Captain Kirk Rogers on his quest to save the universe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Nite Fire: Flash Point

by C. L. Schneider

Ready for a different kind of dragon story?
Shapeshifter, Dahlia Nite, hunts what lurks in the shadows, threatening an unsuspecting human race. But when a supernatural serial killer strikes Sentinel City, light is shed on what should never be seen. And the little bit of peace she’s found in this world begins to crumble. Murder, mystery, mayhem—and dragons!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Nite Fire: Chain Reaction

by C. L. Schneider

Dahlia thought she knew the difference between monsters and humans. For nearly a hundred years, she’s hunted one to protect the other. But the lines are blurring. People are mutating and combusting on the streets. Are they human? Were they ever?

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The Arrival

by Joshua T. Calvert

It’s our planet. But it’s their war…

On New Year’s eve 2022, unknown flying objects appear over Europe and ignite an inferno of violence among themselves. Debris from one of the spacecraft falls on Athens, turning the city center into a smoking crater.

The destroyed remnant of the former metropolis is declared a restricted zone by NATO forces and sealed off. Amidst the few survivors struggling for food, medicine, and clean water, Nikos takes care of his girlfriend Maria, only to soon find out that to avert a creeping death, there is only one way out of the hell of Athens—the wreckage of the alien ship.

At the same time, a special forces team is sent on an impossible mission, as NATO’s European Command has evidence that another spaceship has landed in the jungles of Africa and its Alien crew appears to still be alive…

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Man on Mars: the Wake


In 2057, an unknown virus spreads on Earth, so some people choose to move to Mars. However, Mars is not made habitable by humans. Instead, a planet-wide transformation has been done by Gattis, a group of intelligent alien beings who’ve expanded their territory to our solar system. At first, they appear friendly and willing to share their technology, but in secret, they’re preparing to conquer Earth. Since then, there’s been peace and war between Gattis and humans on Mars.

Don, a young squad leader of a human resistance called the Wake, is an Alien War survivor who has lost his memory. He meets Eio, a naughty and childish higher dimensional being stranded in our universe. While trying to help Eio return home, Don and other Wake members fight Gattis in three bloody battles…

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

War Priest: Mask of the Fallen

by Harmon Cooper

Leap into a story that merges Eastern cultivation and progression fantasy, where infinite possibilities can be realized if one can master their understanding of chi. What starts as a harrowing coming-of-age story for Arik Dacre morphs into a journey of growth through multiclassing and mastering various combat techniques. Heavily researched, War Priest draws upon actual 16th century shinobi and samurai texts for its combat and world-building elements. A cast of colorful characters, from mythological creatures to mysterious combat masters, round out this engaging fantasy read that will leave you guessing as Arik risks it all to stand up against a terrifying warlord.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


by Raena Rood

When Christianity is banned in the United States, those Christians who refuse to renounce their faith are arrested and imprisoned. To avoid arrest, some go into hiding. They are subversives, ruthlessly hunted by soldiers of the government’s Task Force.

Since the night of her parent’s arrest, Gemma Alcott has been hiding in an abandoned coal mine with a group of subversives. She’s found a home—and someone to love—but she’s never forgotten the love she left behind.

Taylor Nolan, a young Task Force officer, believes wholeheartedly in his mission and in the danger posed by subversives. But when his first love, Gemma, is captured by a rogue Task Force unit, his loyalties are put to the test.

Facing interrogation and possible death, Gemma must summon the strength—and faith—to protect her friends, no matter the cost. And Taylor must decide if he’s fighting against evil…or for it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Lycanthropy Files Box Set

by Cecilia Dominic

Life as they knew it is over. At the next full moon, the real trouble begins…

If you like hair-raising mysteries, complex characters, and stories that blend science and magic, then you’ll love Cecilia Dominic’s Lycanthropy Files series. This genre-blending box set includes three full-length novels plus bonus novella.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Belvedor and the Desert of Secrets: A Journey of Revenge (Belvedor Saga, Book 3)

by Ashleigh Bello

Slave. Warrior. Witch. Leader… have you met Arianna Belvedor?

She’s a rebel with twin swords and a dagger. A defender of magic. A symbol of hope for the oppressed people of Olleb-Yelfra. Join her on a riveting quest for freedom and power as she tries to escape from her prison in the City of the Four Corners.

Does she have what it takes to survive the dark world of Olleb-Yelfra? To battle a necromancer? To evade the High King?

“The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter …” in this magic-riddled read! Escape while you can.

Also available on Kindle Unlimited!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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