Ravaged Land

by Kellee Greene

When the storms hit, people died. Ros and her friends were among the lucky few to survive. They were safe underground but when the way clears for them to return, will they survive the new world that is waiting for them?

Supplies. Shelter. Survival. Those who lived will have to fight for their lives. Kindness does not exist.

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Category: Science Fiction - Post-Apocalyptic

Blink (Utility Company #1)

by Will Swardstrom & Paul K. Swardstrom

Agent Smith and the agents of The Utility Company are tasked with the jobs too weird or too strange for other law enforcement agencies. When portals start opening up all around the country from an alternate universe, it’s up to Smith to not only figure out what’s happening, but to put a stop to it.

For Nik Davidson, his home and family are at the heart of the interdimensional conspiracy. By the time Agent Smith knocks on his door, Nik’s whole family is in danger. What will Agent Smith and Nik do when the fate of two different worlds are on the line? What do they do in order to save those closest to them? Who do you trust when those looking back in the mirror may not have your best interests at heart?

Blink is a thrilling introduction to Agent Smith and the adventures of The Utility Company by brothers Will and Paul K. Swardstrom.

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Category: Science Fiction - Cyberpunk

Creeping Shadow (The Rise of Isaac, Book 1)

by Caroline Peckham

Earth is just one of seven worlds. Gateways divide the realms and those who pass through must earn keys, participating in challenges that will separate the fearful from the brave, the weak from the strong, and the witless from the cunning.

Sixteen year old Oliver Knight knows nothing of the other worlds or his family’s dark past. But when his adopted sister succumbs to a deadly curse the truth is revealed and he is plunged into an unknown land in a desperate bid to save her. However, a sinister enemy is on the rise and the danger they face at every turn throws those around them under suspicion. In order to survive, Oliver must figure out who to trust, who to believe and ultimately who to fear...

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Category: Fantasy - Sword & Sorcery

The Invisible Chains - Part 1: Bonds of Hate

by Andrew Ashling

While the kingdom of Ximerion is threatened at its southern border by a major power, the high king sends his two youngest sons, the half brothers Anaxantis and Ehandar, as Lord Governors to the Northern Marches where minor raids by wild barbarians are expected. Under the guidance of an old and trusted general, the king hopes to keep the young princes far from the major conflict in the south, while at the same time providing them with a valuable learning experience. The estranged half brothers are rivals, and as if this was not enough of a complication, they begin to suspect that they were set up by their own father. The result is a fierce struggle for power where the lines between hate and love become almost indistinguishable and where nothing is what it seems.

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Category: Fantasy - Alternative History

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