The First Human Rider

by Ramy Vance

Dragonriders are all that stand between Middang3ard and total annihilation.

But their numbers are dwindling.

With every passing day, more and more Dragonriders are falling under the scourge of the Dark One.

The forces of humanity and their allies are desperate. They need a new hero to step up and turn the tide.

Myrddin, the resistance’s leader, thinks he might have found that someone…on Earth, of all places.

Word has just come from the east that the Dark One is launching his largest assault yet, but there is still time to stop him. If, that is, they can find someone good enough to take him on.

Alex Bound just might be the rider they need.

But a human has never been accepted as a Dragonrider.

Let alone a blind human…

Alex isn’t someone to step away from a fight.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dragon Wars Collection: Books 1-5: A Heroic Action-packed YA Epic Fantasy Adventure Quest

by Craig Halloran

The Sky Riders–the last force for good–are dying. Two gifted runaways must rise and become heroes. Because the dragon ruler of the frozen north is amassing an invincible dragon army to overtake the world.

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Category: Christian Fantasy

Dragon Wars Collection: Books 6-10: A Heroic Action-packed YA Epic Fantasy Adventure Quest

by Craig Halloran

Devastation has rocked the land abroad. Kingdoms are overrun by the Black Guard invasion and the growing army of evil dragon riders ruling from the skies. By flame and force, all cities great and small are put under the dominion of the indomitable dragon Black Frost, who gains control from an unknown source of power.

With nefarious enemy forces coming from all directions, the heroes scrape and claw their way from city to city, land to land, and dungeon to dungeon in search of the ultimate weapon that will knock Black Frost from his perch once and for all.

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Dark Nights

by Christopher A. Gray

Astrophysicist Doug Lockwood has made the discovery of a lifetime: another planet has appeared in our solar system, in orbit opposite that of Earth. Its sudden appearance is unexplained, but the danger presented by the alternate Earth is real.

“Innovative and well-paced… part scientific exploration, part action, part political intrigue, the combined result is a page-turner.”
– Publishers Weekly

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Sunflower Meadow

by K.M. Jenkins

Love at first sight. Fact or fairy tale?
My name is Prince Joseph and despite the fact I should probably keep it to myself, this is my love story.
It was a normal day. I decided to take a ride around the pasture with my brother when it happened. The most beautiful woman of my dreams stood in the center of my mother’s garden.
A branch came out of nowhere and knocked me off my saddle. Not even my princely status can save me from the embarrassment I feel. Did she even notice me?
When our eyes lock, I knew then she was destined to be my Queen forever. All I have to do now is find the perfect spot to propose. Will there be love amongst the sunflowers or will duty deny us our happily ever after?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Eros Element

by Cecilia Dominic

An ancient energy. A daring expedition. Two misfit scientists in a race against time.

Objects tell Iris McTavish their secrets, but none can enlighten her as to how to save her household. The only way to survive may be to marry an odious lordling who’ll expect her to give up her dreams of becoming an archaeologist.

With the world’s coal supply running low, Professor Edward Bailey could be a hero if only he could stabilize aether. Now his job and department are on the line if he doesn’t.

When a mysterious industrialist recruits Iris and Edward to join an expedition across Europe to search for clues in classical art and artifacts, both see a possible solution to their problems.

Danger lurks around every corner, and the past won’t give up its secrets without a price. Can these two misfit scientists work together to discover the truth… and do so quickly enough to survive?

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Lost Galaxy (Books 1-3): The Last Enemy, Beyond Revolt, Shadowland

by Daniel Young

AN INVASION. A CONSPIRACY. ONE SHOT AT REDEMPTION. The Lost Galaxy series follow the adventures of a lone lawman, his aging and possibly insane spaceship, and a trio of mercenaries, new recruits, and hardened criminals who are all swept together behind an alien invasion that could wipe out humanity. As they race to save themselves and warn humanity, they learn that there is more at stake than anyone—human or alien—could have guessed. A conspiracy could bring down everything in the galaxy…

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Chaos Gate

by Jeff Pantanella

Kasai has the power to challenge the gods. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Enter the archdevil, Sekka hellbent on conquest and lacking but one final piece to guarantee her victory; the soul of the Ever Hero. Will Kasai find his power in time and with it, the courage to defeat the legions of the Abyss?
A century has passed since the disappearance of the demigod, Aetenos, savior and protector of the Mortal Realm. As whispers of war echo across the Three Kingdoms of Hanna, fate follows in the footsteps of two unlikely companions, a novice mystic monk on the run, and a feisty wood witch with a troubled past.
This series is packed with mysticism, magic, vengeance, and salvation. It does not disappoint with a cast of mad sorcerers, fiery witches, corrupt dukes, weak kings, sinister devils, a succubus thrown in for good measure. Just wait until the angels arrive as the series gets on a roll.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

The Foe Wars

by Jeff Pantanella

Save an imprisoned demigod, kill an archdevil on her home turf, and somehow reclaim his soul. Simple, right?

Captured by the archdevil, Sekka, Kasai must defeat her archnemesis, the devil, Zizphander and his legion of fire fiends at her gate in the hopes she will honor her promise and let his companions live. Meanwhile back in the Mortal Realm, the fate of the Three Kingdoms is at stake, and without the power of the Ever Hero, all seems lost.

Kasai must finally accept his role as Aetenos’s next Ever Hero and save the land he loves from the diabolical, Frost Legion, rampaging across the continent. But to do this, he must rely on the help from his closest companions, a witch with an identity crisis, who is torn between using her powers for good or evil, and a sentient three-sectioned staff, that may seek to possess him before his work is done.

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