Portents of Chaos

by K.C. Julius

Delve into a world where dragons and mortals bind…
The realm of Drinnglennin is poised on the cusp of chaos, for their High King is dying and has yet to name an heir. Rumors abound that the Helgrins, Drinnglennin’s bitterest foes, are preparing their longboats to raid their shores, while the å Livåri folk, for whom the island kingdom is the last sanctuary, are mysteriously disappearing. And in distant Belestar, the fabled dragons are stirring from their self-imposed exile.
Drinnglennin’s hopes lie with the wizard Morgan, who must safeguard the king’s possible heirs, all of whom are coming of age. Yet a dangerously powerful house seeks the succession for one of their own, even if it means disrupting the fragile peace of the realm.
One thing is certain: whoever next sits on the Einhorn Throne will determine the fate not only of Drinnglennin, but of all who dwell in the Known World.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Guardian Mate

by Audrey Sharpe

Their interstellar romance launched a starship…

After fleeing the malevolent alien race that wiped out her homeworld, all Libra Hawke wants is a quiet life of obscurity. No danger. No drama. Definitely no surprises. But then the universe crashes Brendan Scott into her — literally — and knocks her world off its axis. He’s human. She’s not. She has no business being anywhere near him, not if she wants to conceal her nebula of secrets. But tell that to her traitorous heart.

His curiosity about her past pokes holes in her cover story big enough to fly a starship through, while logic takes a spacewalk every time they touch. Their intense connection indicates he might be her destined mate… if he can accept her alien nature.

And her power.

Delve into the sexy, otherworldly romance that gave birth to captain Aurora Hawke and the Starhawke Universe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Storm Front -Dark Orbit 1

by R.L. Giddings

Grab the first in an exciting new series!

Lieutenant Cooper knows one thing…
He’s been set up to fail.
When the Colonial Navy needed someone to lead a rescue team, Erik Cooper’s name wasn’t top of anyone’s list.

But then the Iringans invaded Norilsk and everything changed.

Dropped behind enemy lines, his team need to locate a missing scientist. But their plans soon start to unravel, plunging them into a nightmare world of danger and deceit.

What terrible secret is the scientist hiding? And is someone on Cooper’s team really out to get him?

As he races across the galaxy in search of answers, Cooper knows that his next mistake may well be his last.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Steel Dragon Omnibus: Books 1-8

by Kevin McLaughlin

Dragons rule the world. Their claws are into every aspect of human life, from government to industry. But Kristen Hall is about to throw a wrench into all of that.

Because she’s a dragon, too. She just doesn’t know it…yet!

A dragon raised by humans, in the human world.

After graduating from the police academy, she’s dropped right into the ranks of Detroit’s elite SWAT team. A rookie, in SWAT? Unheard of. But what the dragons want, they get.

The reasons behind their machinations become clear as her dragon powers begin to surface.

Will Kristen rise to the challenges her new life delivers? What designs do the dragons have for her future? And perhaps most pressing of all — how did she come to be a dragon with human parents?

Get the first 8 books in the best-selling Steel Dragon series to start Kristen’s story.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Broad Daylight

by LJ Rivers and Embla Storm

Bodyguard Camryn MacKay goes to work like any other day. Except this isn’t any other day.

When her client is attacked on the streets of Berlin by a strange man with unexplainable strength and reflexes, Cam is thrown headfirst into the veiled world—a magical world hidden from humans.

As if these revelations weren’t enough, Cam discovers an unsettling truth: She’s part of this secret world. Always has been.

Tasked to figure out what really happened, she’s paired up with Leon, an empath witch.

As an unwanted attraction grows between them, they must figure out why a vampire is immune to sunlight before it unravels the fragile peace between the veiled factions—pinning werecats against vampires, with the witches stuck in the middle.

The veil has been parted, and Camryn never backs down from a challenge.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Searching for Shelter

by Misty Zaugg, Stephanie Mylchreest & Mike Kraus

Entire series on sale!

No food. No shelter. No way out but through.

A calamitous pair of storms.

Two women on the run from their past caught in the whirlwind.

They’ll either stand and fight – or be consumed in the aftermath.

Tired of the same old boring story? Welcome to your new, epically long addiction from #1 best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus, Stephanie Mylchreest and Misty Zaugg.

Twin hurricanes obliterate the eastern coast of the United States, bringing with them a blight that devastates America’s breadbasket.

As the nation’s food supply withers on the vine, the population turns upon itself and millions die from starvation, infighting and disease within days of the storms’ passing.

Featuring a powerful cast of characters, Aftermath delves deep into a frighteningly realistic “what if” scenario, showcasing both the prepared and unprepared.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Between Tricks

by Jaime Munn

She’s half demon not half bad.

When her favourite night time client goes missing—and she’s the last one to have had the pleasure—Dixie finds herself hunting more than just the usual day job monsters. Worse she’s going to have to partner with one to get to the bottom of the disappearance, or the city will pay the ultimate price.

“An absolute blast!”
“I love this book. I absolutely love it.”
“Quirky Heroine Down for Devilish Fun.”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Dark Rift – The Last Artifact Trilogy – Book One

by Gilliam Ness

When they come into possession of a mysterious prehistoric cube, relic hunter Gabriel Parker and the alluring artifact historian Natasha Rossi find themselves inexplicably bound to a dark mythology dating back to the roots of civilization.

Throughout history the long lost Cube has been sought after by emperors, popes, and caliphs alike. It’s believed to be a container of knowledge, a holy vessel capable of emancipating humanity from the confines of earthly mortality. Now that it’s been found, demonic forces are surfacing to destroy it. Their presence marks the return of a nefarious entity that once reigned supreme in Earth’s distant past.

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