Home World

by Bonnie Milani

Every world in the star-flung Commonwealth prospers under the rule of the Great Family Van Buren. Every world, that is, except Earth, humanity's Home World. Of all the branches of humanity - each branch genetically engineered to survive its adopted world's environment - only the terrifying human polymorphs called Lupans still revere Home World. And now they want it back.

Seeking to avert another devastating war, Jezekiah Van Buren, Heir to Home World, forges an alliance with the powerful Lupan warlord called Strongarm - an alliance that threatens both his ruling cousins and the life-line of the feared outlaw organization Ho Tong. Only the martial skills of a native Hawaiian girl Keiko Yakamoto saves him from an assassin's bullet. Now Jezekiah must discover whether the woman who's claimed his heart is his salvation - or his executioner.

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Category: Science Fiction - Galactic Empire


by Darlene Jones

When school principal, Em Roberts, sees her hands covered in blood and her face splashed across the media as a superhero saving the world, she knows something is dreadfully wrong. Now, she must challenge “the voice” she hears in her head, the voice that transports her around the world, forces her to face unbelievable danger, and insists she can stop wars. Will she outmaneuver that voice before she loses touch with reality—or will she die trying?

In Book One of the Em and Yves series enjoy wild adventure and an unforeseen love triangle as aliens manipulate world affairs using Em as their agent. For science fiction with a twist, get your copy of EMBATTLED now.

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Category: Science Fiction - First Contact

Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) and Pythagoras in Egypt

by PanOrpheus

Set amongst the monuments of the Giza Plateau, the Sphinx, and the Great Pyramid- the adventures of Theoclea, Pythagoras, and their entourage will delight, enchant and inform the reader. While Theoclea's goal is to deliver the speech of a lifetime, Pythagoras plans to look for a lost book hidden somewhere in a maze-like passage within the Great Pyramid. A confrontation in the Temple of Luxor between Pythagoras and Morvan, the Court Magician sets the book on course to a surprise ending packed with magic and mystery!

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Category: Fantasy - Alternative History

Cloak of Shadows (The Netherwalker Series Book One)

by CK Dawn

2015 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner for YA - General.

What if all you've ever known of King Arthur's legend was a lie to mislead you from the truth? What if Camelot truly existed, but was destroyed to keep its secrets? And, what if there were descendants of the Knights of the Round Table defending us today from the creatures that lurk within the shadows? If the gloaming came looking for you would you answer its call?

Abigail Thorne answered the gloaming's call and long with her mentor Lourdes Reese, a seasoned hunter in the King's Court, they banish evil shadows while most dociles sleep in their beds.

A life will be lost, a life will be taken, and an unexpected new romance will emerge all while the fate of two worlds balances on the edge of a hunter's blade.

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Category: Fantasy - Coming of Age

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